From Suz: Her Service To Pelusa

Pelusa at La Plata ZooFrom Suz-

“When I accepted the call to come to Argentina and be of service to Pelusa, I knew my time here could go either way – I told everyone that I would come back with either my heart exploded or my heart shattered, but either way my heart would never be the same. My goal here was simple – to love her with all of my being, to help her in every way I could.

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Our Beautiful Lady Has Left Us

Pelusa at the La Plata ZooJust to very briefly share with everyone, Pelusa has been euthanized. She passed very quickly and quietly. We will write more soon, but it seemed wrong not to let everyone know our beautiful lady has left us. At least in body.

 Thank you everyone for helping her to understand just how much she was loved.

June 4, 2018

June 8: Future Of The Zoo Where Pelusa Passed

June 5: From Suz: Her Service To Pelusa

June 5:  Our Beautiful Lady Has Left Us

June 4:  Pelusa Update From Scott

June 3:  Pelusa: There are No Major Changes At This Point

June 2:  Pelusa Health Update

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Pelusa Update From Scott

Scott recorded a little update this morning.

Two things to know, we are here to be supportive and to make recommendations, but ultimately all final decisions are that of the zoo. Please know all end of life options are being discuss.

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Pelusa: There Are No Major Changes At This Point

Pelusa at La Plata ZooPelusa is still lying down, this photo was taken a few weeks ago. There are no major changes at this point.

This is a message that Scott sent to me in the wee hours of the morning.

“On my way to Argentina to help Suz and the dedicated team of La Plata to do all that we can for Pelusa. In truth, we’ll do all that we can within the limitation of honoring Pelusa first and foremost. In this moment, looking out through the east window on the other side of the plane we’re cruising just above a tranquil blanket of clouds as the rays of the sun begin to peak out and over the horizon. The scene begs me to stop and savor the moment and it succeeds, but just for a moment. My mind quickly returns to Pelusa, oscillating between thoughts about the logistics, her health, wonder about what I’ll arrive to see and sorrow about the possibility that she may never make it to feel the touch of Maia and Guida.

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Pelusa Health Update

Pelusa at La Plata ZooWe wanted to share with you that upon arrival this morning, Pelusa’s caregivers found her lying down in a somewhat awkward position. They helped her to lie down on her side and become more comfortable. Pelusa hasn’t laid down in almost two years now, so this is not normal, but we don’t know where it will go from here.

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Teamwork At Its Finest

Maia and GuidaTeamwork at its finest.

We gave Maia and Guida access to their last yard in this first phase of development. It’s an additional 25 acres, which is nice on its own, but it’s more than that. The new space offers new areas to explore for mental stimulation, beautiful untouched pasture grass and, if you’re Maia, the most important thing- lots of big beautiful palm trees.

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