Under the Sleepy Tree

Maia, Rana and Ramba

And so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the other ladies…a photo of Rana (left), Ramba (middle), and Maia (right), hanging out under what we refer to as the sleepy tree. This is the tree the girls go to nap after breakfast at the barn when they decide they just don’t have the energy to go more than a dozen steps. As you can clearly see in the photo, it’s officially nap time.

We have photos of them closer together, from our camera system, but it only looks like there are only two enormous elephants, so we shared the only one we have that shows their faces. All of the ladies just stood around relaxing for about an hour. During times like this, we monitor their interactions but don’t go close because we feel it interferes with whatever is going on. This photo was taken as Scott came up the fenceline.

The girls continue to do well, and it’s nice to watch the slow and natural progression of their relationships take place. Thank you all for helping to make it possible.

November 2, 2019



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Thank You!! You All Are Incredible!


You are all absolutely incredible!!

It has been less than 24 hours, and we are almost already at our goal. Currently, you have given $32,460 towards bringing Lady to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. We know our sanctuary family is so supportive, but we were taken aback last night to see all of the gifts coming in for Lady. It’s truly beautiful.

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Meet Lady! Our Next Rescue!


People have asked about our next rescue…..well here she is. Meet Lady. The judicial agreement gives us 45 days to bring her to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, to live out the rest of her life with Maia, Rana, and Ramba.  Lady’s Rescue Page →

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Daily Baths for Ramba. Ramba’s Hay Hats for Maia. :)


The day is a little hectic, not the elephant part, the human element.   So we’ll share a quick photo of Ramba with her first substantial hay hat at the sanctuary. This one was eaten by Maia fairly rapidly. I guess when they get to a nice size, they’re too hard to resist.

In some of the photos, Ramba is going to look very dark. This is because they are taken shortly after she is bathed. Because of all of her ingrown hairs and dead skin, we are giving her a daily bath to be able to see her skin, then applying a soothing herbal spray, allowing it to dry and then a coating of natural bug spray. She seems to appreciate her baths and the routine and is much less itchy scratchy after. This will be adjusted as her needs change, but for now, it is all part of trying to get her skin to a healthy place.

Don’t worry, it isn’t very long before she is coated in another fresh layer of mud. 

October 31, 2019



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Ramba and Rana in the Pond

For those of you who would like a longer, more laid back video of the girls, here you go. Sorry for the shakey bits, but we were running out to check on something and were pleasantly surprised to get to see them go into the pond together and didn’t have a great camera with us.

You will hear words of encouragement to Rana at times; this is because she still seems a little scared of pushing Ramba away if she is too forward (because of her initial relationship with Maia and Guida). While many times you can see the excitement in her face, she is still reserved in her actions.

This was the first afternoon we had seen them spend hours right next to each other. They are on different speeds at the moment, Rana is lazy sanctuary mode, Ramba still wanting to explore and see everything there is. Often that means they are together for a bit, then Ramba wanders. Ramba will either return, or Rana will eventually venture off to find her. But this afternoon, they were together for about six hours without Ramba going on a walkabout.

Ramba was in the pond first, and Rana slowly joins her. But again, it’s Ramba that comes close to Rana, initiating contact. They stayed in for quite some time, then came out, and Rana ate while Ramba scratched and grazed. One of the best parts of it was something we didn’t catch on film but saw as we drove past on our way back to the barn. The two girls were standing side by side, and Rana was gently running her trunk over Ramba’s back. The whole time Rana had on a big cheezy grin. It was as touchy as we have seen her been with Ramba and lovely to see them both very relaxed about it.

For those who are curious- the ponds will have more water in them than that. We emptied them to clean the bottoms, re-line them with clay, and expand them a bit. They will eventually be full enough that the girls can submerge without their bellies sticking up out of the water. But it ends up not being a bad thing for Ramba. The walls of her pond in Chile had fallen in, and she was too nervous about going back in it after it was repaired. With the water level being lower, it allows her to get comfortable before it is full.

October 30, 2019



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Ramba’s Microchip Requirement Checked Off

maia and ramba

This morning’s Ramba ear check is brought to you by Maia. 😂

Although the girls were all away from the barn this morning, we had to bring Ramba back so that we could read her microchip. And as we brought her back, everyone else came as well.

All of the elephants that come from outside of Brazil need to be microchipped. That chip has to be confirmed a short time after their arrival and officially filed with Ibama. This is so we can prove she is who we say she is, and we’re not illegally trafficking elephants. We don’t have a chip reader at this point, so we borrowed one from a local vet, but needed to get it back to them. So, today was the day.

The microchip is injected into the empty (SQ) space behind their ear, on their neck. Unfortunately, elephants have a lot of empty space there, and the chip tends to migrate, making it hard to impossible to find after some time. We found Ramba’s, although it ended up lower on her neck and closer to her shoulder. But it still read, and that is all we needed.

Rana, Ramba, and Maia are all sharing the same space. Rana and Maia were super sleepy and will most likely nap before wandering. Ramba was much more awake, so she started exploring right away.

October 29, 2019


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