The Big Payback Starts In


2,800 acres of…
rolling hills and lush, grassy plains;
flowing streams, rivers and ponds;
local, medicinal flora and fauna.

This is what we have to offer the captive elephants of South America.
We have the space. We have the experience and knowledge.  But we must expand our borders in order to provide even more room for African and Asian elephants to thrive.

Because of the elephants’ sizes and strength, the steel we purchase to construct our fencing must be thick and strong enough to keep them safe inside the sanctuary.  Once the steel is delivered, our team works tirelessly digging the posts to the appropriate depth, pouring concrete, and welding the steel together to create structurally sound barriers for the elephants. This type of specialized fencing requires specific skills and tools. In order to continue the building process we must upgrade our arsenal of equipment and not be at the mercy of outside companies.

For this year’s Big Payback you can ensure we have the tools needed to expand our fencing and rescue even more elephants in need across South America.

Help Us Meet our $60,000

Matching Gift Goal!

To give them all of this…

271133632_4442243359219930_5016986432385382557_n (1)

We must build this…

PPG Fence

And to do that, we need this.

Matching Gift Challenge

The Big Payback begins this Wednesday, May 4th at 6pm CST and ends Thursday, May 5th at 6pm CST. Thanks to two generous donors we are starting things off with a $30,000 match.  Every dollar you give will be matched – so you are doubling your donation and doubling your impact.  Throughout the 24-hour day of giving, your donations can also help us earn extra cash bonuses.  Tune in, follow along, and have fun with us during The Big Payback online fundraiser.  Together, we are building their future.


Kat and Scott - Ramba rescue 0ct 2019

Sanctuary isn’t just a place it’s a new beginning, peace of mind. For the first time, elephants will have a life that is all about them. Thank you for helping to build and provide a future for elephants in need.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every share builds their home.  Every one of us can change a life.  Forever.

Scott and Kat Blais
Co-founders Global Sanctuary for Elephants
and Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Maia, Guida and rainbows