The Big PayBack Fundraiser For Pelusa Has Ended But You Can Still Give!

Hope For Pelusa

The reality is we believe all captive elephants deserve a chance at sanctuary, but for some, the need is more urgent. It doesn’t take elephant expertise to look at Pelusa and see her struggles. We are all working diligently to bring her to sanctuary- the zoo has agreed to send her and we are simply waiting on her CITES permits. But making it to sanctuary is just the beginning of her journey. Pelusa will need intensive, dedicated care to begin the physical healing process for her feet and body. For this, we need your help. Please give and be part of easing her pain.

We can provide her sanctuary, Maia and Guida can be her family, you can bring her comfort.

Who She Is, Her Health, Her Journey

Insecure But Stronger Than She Will Ever Realize

Pelusa seems to defy all rules and boundaries when it comes to the determination and will she has to carry on. Approximately 2000 lbs. underweight, her outward appearance is frail and weak, yet her presence is strong. When you’re with her it’s easy for her physical to fade into the background as you watch her beckon her caregivers to hand feed her, bat her eyelashes at them and make sweet begging faces. She’s ridiculously cute and somewhat stubborn and ridiculously easy to absolutely fall in love with. At the same time her physical pain has created an insecurity that didn’t exist just five years ago and the desire to help her get back some of what she has lost can be overpowering.

Pelusa’s significant foot issues are a result of a lifetime in captivity and the source of much of her struggles. When she arrives at sanctuary they will require twice daily soaks along with treatment. She has been diagnosed with osteomyelitis (through radiographs) and is at the point where her feet will never be fully healed, but they can improve. Although Pelusa’s tired body may not take advantage of the space that sanctuary offers, sanctuary is about so much more. A more natural and varied diet will allow for her to put on much needed weight. Along with dedicated medical care, the biggest benefit sanctuary has to offer is the companionship of other elephants. Pelusa has been alone for almost her entire life and is in need of the love and support that only another elephant can provide.

Our hope is that Pelusa’s time at sanctuary will bring her comfort, relief and joy as she once again is part of a herd and reconnects with what it means to be an elephant. Once her CITES permits go through, we will assess if she is strong enough to travel and hope to bring her home to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and begin a new chapter in her life.

Her Exhausted Body And Her Weakened Spirit Are In Desperate Need Of Sanctuary

The zoo agrees, but her journey has just begun. Please help support her medical care and be part of her healing.