Bambi’s Mood Shifts a Little

We shared last week that Mara and Maia spent a few calm minutes together, standing very close to one another, with Maia even touching Mara a few times. For some reason, the dynamics among Bambi, Mara, and Rana seem to have shifted a little since then. Perhaps Mara realized that Maia was the same old friend she’s always known, and the interaction between the two of them gave both elephants a bit of a new perspective on how their relationship could move forward. 

The day after those few moments between Mara and Maia, Bambi seemed to be keeping some distance from Mara and Rana. She seemed more interested in spending time near the pond on one side of Yard 4, while Mara and Rana were on the opposite end. Any time that Mara and Rana would come near her, Bambi would move away a bit, to keep some distance from the others. She did not seem like her usual, boisterous self, although physically, everything appeared fine.

It certainly was an interesting development that Bambi didn’t feel the need or the desire to stay by Mara’s side. Nothing seemed hostile or particularly drastic – just noticeably different. It’s possible that Maia’s growing confidence is intimidating to Bambi; it’s also possible Mara was acting a little too bossy that day for Bambi’s liking. Or, honestly, it could be nothing. Sometimes an individual just wants alone time, which is natural.

Bambi on an afternoon walk


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    Constance S harris says

    I am a bit confused by the comments about Maia and Mara – I thought it was Mara and Rana who, years ago, had been friends (such that there was great commotion – trumpeting, etc. – when Mara first arrived at GSE, but from what I am reading in this post, you speak of Mara and Maia. Can you clarify for me at your convenience, please.

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      Sara says

      Other than Maia and Guida (who obviously knew each other before sanctuary) we can’t say that any of the elephants knew one another before they arrived at sanctuary, if that’s what you are referring to. But as for the friendship between Maia, Mara, and Rana, Rana has been friends with both. Before Bambi came, Maia and Mara were starting to form a nice friendship, with Rana encouraging them to spend time together by walking away and leaving the two together if everyone seemed comfortable. Maia, Mara, and Rana eventually formed a nice threesome, but Bambi’s arrival caused some change in those relationships.

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    Barb says

    I like the “bossy” scenario. Time will reveal . . Maybe

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    Carey says

    Re the question from Constance, the first time that RanA met Mara after arrival, it did appear that the two may have known each other previously such were the excited and prolonged greetings between the two. But because you don’t have their full history’s you didn’t know for sure. Rana has also changed a great deal from those early days of trying to make friends with Guida and Maia but with no idea how to “correctly” do it, maybe when Mara arrived she simply got hugely excited at the prospect of another potential friend, as yet we don’t know .

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      Sara says

      We have heard rumors about all of the elephants here having contact with one or more of the others and there’s really no proof of that, but anything is possible. So, there could have been so many reasons for her excitement. We do know that she could smell them and that let her know that she had “sisters” nearby.

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    Wim says

    Maybe anything can happen in a free-spirited herd.
    Perhaps think like an elephant is the real trick.

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    Debbie Sides says

    I guess there will be shifts in all of their relationships at one point or another. New arrivals, comfort levels, and deaths too. Whatever happens, I’m so happy they live there in paradise. They’re all such beautiful souls. Grateful to you all for caring for them💚

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