Bambi Venturing Into the Outside World

Bambi had access to the yards this morning (Sunday) but was being cautious about going onto the patios and walking all of the way through. We wanted to make sure she understood there was no pressure, it was on her own time, so we went up to the office for lunch, one caregiver stayed down doing other things, and we watched from the camera at the house. We let Bambi be, so when she went out, it was purely because she wanted to.

She went out shortly after everyone left, and then went in and out numerous times after that. This live is from later on, when she seemed to start enjoying being outside, and realized there were no strings attached- this was hers when she wanted it.

Although she is doing very well, she is still more fearful than most elephants we’ve worked with, and will probably take some time to begin to let some of that go- and that’s ok. She will have the support she needs, and the ability to decide when she is ready. That is sanctuary.

September 27, 2020


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    Tammy says

    Bambi is at the best place possible for her to heal emotionally and physically. Time will help her break down those walls from the past along with your exceptional care love support and a big family of the greatest welcoming sisters ever she’s got this there’s no doubt in my mind, love and hugs from Minnesota ???

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    Julie says

    I’m so happy for Bambi! She may still have PTSD from her life, but I know she’s in the best place there is for her right now.

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    arie says

    How marvelous!! This is why we love you, Scott, Kat and the entire team! ❤️

    I hope Bambi forgets the past and only lives the present
    Enjoy your freedom, dearest Bambi ?❤️

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      Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

      Todo es tan reciente Bambi querida,aqui en el Santuario los humanos te respetan???,iras confiando y conociendote en un nuevo habitat,el tuyo como verdadera elefanta,descubriras tus capacidades , ganas y preferencias y podras Elegir!!!Tus pasos marcaran tu propio ritmo?unico y personal de tu reloj interior y abrazaras tu nueva vida con tanto amor!!! Recibi las ondas amorosas desde aqui ,tierra de Mara,y estate segura que estas en el paraiso de la Tierra?❤?‼️??

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    Wim says

    Must be the power of BAMBI to always melt you heart. So good she moving towards freedom. ???

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    Holly says

    Growth is uncomfortable because you have never been here before. You have never been this version of you. So, give yourself a little grace and breathe through it.

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    Rosie P says

    Her instincts take her to the outside. Amazing girl! She has been very brave, our sweet stressed ellie, but maybe Bambi realises that everyone is there for her. She has had quite a stressful time over the last week with new faces and a crate appearing and then a long journey to a place she had never been. New smells, new sounds, new ground, new barn, but change has come. It’s all part of her growth and casting off the chains. She can make her own choices now. So proud of you Bambi, small steps but each one a step to freedom………and total respect for all at ESB. What a team!

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    Paula says

    Bendita sea!???
    Bambi…Personas que te aman y respetan, regresar a la naturaleza, ahora solo esperar a reencontrarte con los de tu misma especie, tu familia!
    Y así, comenzar a reparar el gran daño hecho en su vida…
    Gracias GSE , una ele más rescatada!

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    Bo says

    The goal is to dehumanise and re-elephant them.
    We know for some elephants it is a longer road than for others and maybe sometimes, mmhh there is not much more you can do than what everyone is already always doing at the sanctuary: to try and make it much more comfortable for all the elephants than they have ever known.
    Knowing that warms my heart, honestly!

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    Sheila says

    bambi! u big sweet❤️? girl! my u r getting brave‼️i guess u need to see what it was like to walk on grass! and see what it tasted like!‼️ and smell around for other ladies????! hope and oray u arent as fearful as lady?sweet bambi ❗️goodness maybe lady will be a good sister for u as she doesnt want other kadies too close to her either! well bambie. u just keep working on the confidence sweet and ur going to find the ladies all excellent! no one will attack u dear! have a beautiful day bambi

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    Nishant Bhajaria says

    Being part of this community is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

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    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Truly a beautiful sight to see her in the yard with all of the lush greenery, food and freedom. Bless her on this new journey to good health and complete freedom. ?♥️

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    Alana says

    I live in Northern California, lost power, internet & cell one hour after Bambi s arrival. I missed you guys so much. the progress & seeing her play with water was such a great surprise. As Nishant said “Being part of this community is one of the greatest blessings in my life.”

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    Sallie says

    There may be adjustment issues, but Miss Bambi is exercising her comfort zone, and I am proud of her progress. Each day will get her closer to her integrating with The Girls . . . Pretty amazing for the first day out! Bravo Bambi, you Rock!

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    Carey says

    Really good to see her first steps exploring out side. sure she has a lot to get over, but my my she is gorgeous and gently gently some of those fears will fade. It will be interesting to see how Lady and Bambi get along both having had difficult experiences with other eles.

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