Bambi Joins Her Friends

This video was taken at a distance so that we wouldn’t interrupt the interaction between the elephants. You can see Mara on the far left and Rana next to her on the right. Guille is approaching them and there appears to be no tension between any of the elephants. However, Rana does seem to speed up her pace as Guillermina approaches. 

Eventually, Bambi decides that she wants to join her friends and fairly quickly begins to head that way. Maia was just out of frame, so this was a brief moment where five elephants were together all at once. Guillermina is on the move, though, and she stops to check on Rana and Mara before continuing past the group and heading farther into the habitat. The morning was a bit rainy, so the girls were enjoying some time on a typical day at sanctuary.


  1. REPLY
    Johnny says

    I am just curious as to when we might hear another of your wonderful podcasts?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We have some in the works. We took some time off for the holidays. There should be something available in a couple of weeks. Thanks for asking!

  2. REPLY
    Norma Hudson says

    What a wonderful lush habitat the girls have. When one considers where they spent their early years it must seem like heaven. Thank you for providing this for them and allowing them to live as they should.

  3. REPLY
    Beji says

    Lots of elephant butts….how cute

  4. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    Fantastic video! Thank you to whoever took it, and thank you, Sara, for letting us all see it.

  5. REPLY
    Audrey says

    Truly a beautiful sight to see. These ladies are awesome together.

  6. REPLY
    SHEILA says

    Nice to see 5 ladies all saying Hello and *singing in the rain*🎼🎶

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