Bambi isn’t Ready for Mara’s Company Yet

For the past couple of weeks, the elephants have been spending time fairly close together. We do still see a separation between Bambi and Mara, though. Mara seems to be pursuing Bambi a little, and we’re not really sure why that is. Perhaps she’s trying to make amends – there’s no way to tell. But it’s obvious that Bambi is uncomfortable with being in close proximity to Mara. She still seems hypersensitive to Mara’s energy. Bambi’s vision also seems to be getting more compromised in her right eye, so she’s becoming more sensitive to that. Bambi hasn’t let Mara get too near her and has stayed about 40 meters away most of the time.

There’s an ebb and flow to their social structure and we don’t always know why things turn out the way they do. There can be a lot of emotion behind why things happen, especially when you are talking about two elephants who used to be close, or at least that’s how Bambi viewed her relationship with Mara. Now, when Mara walks over near Bambi, Maia will often walk over as a protective gesture toward Bambi, who then often steps away from Mara. Moments like these show the natural bond that has developed between Maia and Bambi.

Photo of Mara in the shade with Rana in the background


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    Melinda says

    I love getting these updates about our girls and their complicated relationships. So grateful that Bambi has Maia to help her deal with limited vision. Elephants are such wonderful beings!

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    Carey says

    Ebb and flow…but I don’t understand what started the rift between Bambi and Mara? looking back, is it just a personality clash? When Bambi was unable to raise herself, amI right in thinking that Mara and Rana didn’t appear very concerned and stayed away from Bambi?

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      Sara says

      We’re not with them all day, so it’s hard to know what happened. Perhaps it’s just the African elephant influences she’s been exposed to.

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    Sara says

    Bambi has a special place for me since her rescue, when she hid herself away in that miserable shelter. The changing alliances that have recently happened remind me uncomfortably of junior high, but she seems to have a wonderful friend in Maia. I wonder if Rana spends time with her now or sticks with Mara?

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      Sara says

      She mostly sticks with Mara, though she does share her time with everyone.

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