Bambi Is a Noisy Drinker

It seems that while Rana was having a quiet morning moment with her sister, Bambi was just behind being very… Bambi. She started the day in her typical style, having a very noisy time drinking from the waterers Scott installed throughout the habitat last year. She joyously drinks her fill as we see Rana look off to the distance at Maia, while Mara stands quietly beside. Some days we wake up feeling contemplative, and other days we ease into the morning more gently. The full spectrum is on display here with these four elephants.


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    Susan Flewelling says

    Precious! She enjoys her water!!

    Wondering what the average volume of water is than an elephant can hold in her trunk – Bambi seemed very thirsty.

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      Sara says

      It differs between African and Asian elephants and the age and size of the elephant. Studies range pretty wildly, from 8 liters to 14 – so it really depends.

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    Tammy says

    I wanna pat their tummys and cute butts and give them a big hug and smooch too! I tell ya those girls are amazing very calming to watch makes everyone so happy! 💞🐘💞

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    Susan Flewelling says

    Thanks, Sara. Either way, that’a a lot of water Bambi ingested at one go! 🤗

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    I love this!!!!!!!!!

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    Alana says

    I just watched it 3 times. Love everything about it, the beautiful girls, beautiful land and sounds, even water slurping. Thanks! 🙂

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    Shari says

    This is adorable to watch! Thank-you!!

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    Beverly Singler says

    I sorta gulp water in the morning, also…..glub..glub

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    John says

    Great video, thank you. These animals are endlessly fascinating, Observing them for long, slow stretches in this way creates an intimacy that’s hard to get with any other creature.

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    Vicki Sappington says

    Let me knows when you get the two new 🐘

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