Bambi Explores With Maia

Before becoming more social with the group, Maia could be found on the north side of Yard 4 on some early mornings before meal delivery. It’s an area where Rana and Ramba used to go together, and after Ramba passed, Rana would still visit the spot. Bambi has been there before but, for some reason, has never stayed long. But a few days ago, we found Maia and Bambi there together. Usually, when we find them in the mornings, Bambi will kick things off with a rumble and Maia will follow with a rumble and a trunk pop. Sometimes there’s a lot of raspberry noises from Maia, who will wrap her trunk around Bambi’s face. 

After their time there, the two elephants migrated through the gate between Yards 4 and 5 and headed toward a section of Yard 5 we call The Middle of Nowhere. As far as we know, Bambi has never crossed through that area before. She’s doing a lot more exploring than usual when she is with Maia. They are mingling at the creek in Yard 4 and going back and forth between Yards 4 and 5 – so they’re all over the place. The two certainly are getting plenty of exercise and are taking advantage of as much of the habitat as possible.

Photo of Maia with Bambi following in a sea of green grass


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    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    This is what I envisioned for Bambi when I saw her in the dark shed at the zoo afraid to come out. New friends of her choice , lush greenery, freedom to roam. So happy she and Maia are girlfriends. 🐘🐘❤️
    Thank you GSE.

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    Sheila says

    How is Bambi’s eyesight now? Can she see MAIA. Or just hear or smell Maia InOrder to. Find her way about? I sure hope Bambi can keep up with Maia as Maia. Is a very strong mover. Goes Guillie still hang out with them? Or does Mara allow Guilli to spend time with her and sweet Rana?? I hope Giillie is not wandering around on her own In Loneliness

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      Sara says

      Bambi can still see some and Maia is great about helping her if she needs it. Guille still hangs out with them. She spends time with all of the elephants actually. She’s quite the social girl.

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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Que tesoros las dos😘😘.Y sí,Maia siempre fue la exploradora! Cuando cruzaba a er los pastizales quemados del incendio,iba solita y audaz! Ahora tiene una compañera de ruta.Que se diviertan bellas🙌🐘🐘💗💗🍀🍀

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    Carey says

    And great for Bambi to be encouraged to exercise and get more confident and stimulated by ‘the middle of nowhere’ surprises.

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    Shelley Russell says

    A lovely image of the two of them! One of my favourite sounds is the trunk pop! Is there meaning behind this?

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      Sara says

      In this case it meant excitement. Different sounds have different meanings depending on the context.

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