Bambi and Maia’s Shifting Relationship

In the months leading up to the arrival of Pocha and Guillermina, Maia had been growing in comfort with Mara, Bambi, and Rana. Where she once chose to stay on the outskirts of the group, she displayed increased confidence and became more a part of their circle. She seemed particularly drawn to Bambi, which made sense considering they both have similar energies. 

Pocha and Guille joining the larger group changed the dynamics of the herd, as unfamiliar personalities always do. Maia has found herself spending time with the new girls, though she still comfortably mingles with the other three ladies. Bambi tends to stick with her core group of friends: Mara and Rana, but she also takes time in the day to hang out with Guille and Pocha in the group at large. As a result of all of these inevitable changes, we haven’t witnessed Bambi and Maia off by themselves, as a twosome, in a couple of months. 

Recently, when the six girls were crossing the creek as a group, Maia began to approach Bambi in a way she had not in quite some time. Bambi was watchful and curious of this development and Maia was careful to walk toward Bambi with her side facing out – which is a calm way to come near another elephant. The two touched sides and started eating hay together, which seemed to relax them both. While Bambi and Maia may have to reestablish elements of their growing friendship, their comfort with each other was evident in this brief interaction.

Photo of Maia enjoying the sunshine


  1. REPLY
    Pam says

    My favorite part of the day, reading these posts and learning more about the girls. Thank you so much!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Thank you so much!

  2. REPLY
    John says

    It’s amazing how well you communicate the dynamics of this herd, shifting and changing as they are. I’m really enjoying the daily updates on what’s happening at GSE. Thank you!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We appreciate your kind words!

  3. REPLY
    Melinda says

    Relationships are always complicated! Hopefully the girls will work it all out to the benefit of everyone.

  4. REPLY
    Katherine says

    Great news

  5. REPLY
    Carey says


  6. REPLY
    Lori DeHoog says

    I love your postings, just wondering I haven’t seen or heard mush about Lady lately
    She is my favorite…. I love it when she look like she’s wearing hats from stuff she
    throws on her back and head. I hope she’s doing well.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Lady is doing okay – just wandering Yard 5 for the most part and doing Lady things. Sometimes at sanctuary, boring is good. We’ll try to post about her soon.

  7. REPLY
    Beji says

    Just look at that glorious fuzzy head!!!

  8. REPLY
    Patricia Primrose says

    How’s Lady doing? Not hearing much about her.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Lady is doing okay. Mostly just wandering around her favorite spots in yard five. Sometimes the best life at sanctuary can be an uneventful one.

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