Bambi and Her Inquisitive Nose

Bambi is a curious girl who occasionally finds reasons for innocent mischief during her day. She’s also on the hunt for food often – anywhere she can find it. You can see her holding a pile of hay, but still reaching out her trunk to see if there are any snacks to be found from the person nearby. Bambi can be a little over-excited with her trunk at times, so she likely walked away with a nose full of nothing extra, but a carefree demeanor.


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    Debbie Sides says

    She is too cute!

  2. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Very cute and curious girl for sure and thats what makes them so much fun to watch and listen to you just never know what will happen next 💗🐘 🤗

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    Merry says

    What a photo!

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    Sandy Crile says

    With Pocha and Guillermina on the road, I had a chance to look at old text message updates. One year and 8 months ago, Bambi was hiding in her barn stall for days at a time, because she was so afraid of another elephant adjacent to her in the zoo. Her skin looked horrible, and she looked so skinny! Now look at her. Sanctuary heals.

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    I was also remembering our Bambi today as I was hearing Scott say they were already leaving Mendoza! After all this time waiting, what a shock to hear it happened so quick! (hard to say what I mean!)

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