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Today we’re announcing an upcoming “Ask Us Anything” segment, where you can send us questions that you may have wondered about, but never asked. Feel free to ask silly questions, big-picture questions, or anything sanctuary or animal-related that comes to mind. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we will do our best to get to as many as we can. Please post your questions in the comments section and we hope to be able to respond in about a week. (You know how busy sanctuary life can be!)

P.S.: We know many of you will want information on upcoming rescues, but we won’t be able to provide that information here. Any new information we learn will be shared directly with you via its own post.

Photo of Bambi

UPDATE: We have received so many questions from all corners of the internet. Thank you all for your interest! We may not be able to answer everyone’s questions this time, but we hope to eventually get to as many as we can. Look for the first round of responses in the days to come.


  1. REPLY
    Wimse says

    HOW do you handle critic.?
    as I know it is not all Hurrah but unfortunatly NEVER see any critic remarks

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      This is a good question. We’ll add it to our list and will provide an answer in about a week or so, when we get our responses together.

  2. REPLY
    Audrey says

    Do you keep African elephants & Indian elephants apart or do you allow them together?

  3. REPLY
    Samantha says

    Can you talk about your thinking on how you’ll manage separation of elephants as you’ve been doing when you get more elephants? It feels like it’s getting a little complicated already with Lady and the rest of the herd dynamics. Is this a concern and if so, what are your thoughts on planning for that? I’m curious with Pocha and Guillermina coming if that’s a concern.

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask and as always, thanks for what you do.

  4. REPLY
    Andy Ingram says

    Hello. I am wondering when you have African Eles also at the GSE, will the Asian Eles reaction and vice versa, be ok? Given Elephants’ high sense of smell and hearing how close will they be to each other? Thank you very much for all you do.

  5. REPLY
    Sue says

    Hi! Thank you for this opportunity! I love seeing questions asked and answered. One of mine is, do the girls see colors like we do? ❤️🐘❤️

  6. REPLY
    Susana Tejedor says

    ¿Habrá posibilidades de visitar el santuario una vez que pase la cuarentena?

  7. REPLY
    Zoi Flores says

    What a wonderful opportunity! After checking current progress I asked if the sanctuary had gotten already the permits for the African girls.,, thank you!!!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We’ll definitely update more on that when the time comes!

  8. REPLY
    Nicole says

    Are the elephants that come to the sanctuary that pass on buried there? If so, do the other elephants know where and go near there?

  9. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Hi there, i adore everything about GSE and of course the beauty of Brazil is absolutely spectacular! Thank you to everyone especially Scott and Kat! I know the sanctuary is a certain acreage so how many elephants will it be able to comfortably home? I do know the public is not allowed to come visit the Sanctuary to see the elephants but have you ever thought of holding a raffle to allow a small number of people to possibly do that maybe once a year is all? Its been a big dream of mine and a girls gotta have hope right? It could bring in big money too just a thought wouldn’t ever want to upset the elephants they are our number one priority we all love them so very much 💞 🐘 💞

  10. REPLY
    Camilla Carter says

    How did you end up picking Brazil for the sanctuary and where else did you consider? Thanks.🐘❤🐘

  11. REPLY
    Bill says

    How about setting up an ele- cam like the panda cam so we can check up on the girls and happenings at the sanctuary?

  12. REPLY
    Alice says

    What would an elephant do if it came across a poisonous snake or other hazardous creature? I’ve always wondered if such creatures are on the sanctuary property, and if they would be of any concern.
    Thanks so much for all you do and thanks, too, for the opportunity to ask such questions!!

  13. REPLY
    Anella Stewart says

    Many thanks to all at GSE for all your hard work and keeping us all so well updated.
    The eyes of elephants are so expressive. Is there much known as to how they see each other and the world around them? Along with their rumbles, trumpets and squeaks, do they also use their eyes as a form of communication?

  14. REPLY
    Bill says

    I am hoping that you can set up a monthly contribution like so many other sites use.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      You can become a monthly donor and select the amount you’d like to contribute each month. Click this link and the information should be on the right side of the screen:

  15. REPLY
    Julie says

    Thanks for this opportunity. I love some of the other questions and am looking forward to your responses. In particular, Tammy’s question makes me bolder to ask about something I’ve wondered about. I plan to retire in a couple of years and will have a fairly decent pension. I’ve often thought it would be great if I could volunteer at the sanctuary for a year and pay rent there at the same time. This would get you a free worker and $1000/month or more rent/donation. Just a thought and wondering if it was in even the realm of possibility.

  16. REPLY
    Jillyp says

    What a good idea to have question-time 🤔
    Would you ever consider any personal ‘artwork’ from the girls such as getting footprints in sand and casting them or a very gentle frottage of their beautiful textured skin for example 👣🐘 to make prints or artwork, to sell towards funds for GSE?
    I love the pic of Bambi, someone is a great photographer 💕

  17. REPLY
    Anita J says

    Could you comment how far along building of enclosures for Kenya and Tamy are atm? And do you think Kenya will be much more easier to transport than Pocha & Guille? AND is there any other bull elephant in waiting for transfer to be a companion for Tamy? I know it is impossible to even guess timelines for transfer but I am more curious about progress being done to enclosures and Tamy’s companion in the future if any. Could you please also make a more detailed list of all possible elephants “in waiting” after our beloved 4 in Mendoza? It would be wonderful to know that there will be more life changing transfers in the months to come. THANK YOU for your brilliant communication on all topics involving our girls and just elephants. It is a great pleasure to read…:-) Love you all..xoxoxo

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Because, as part of the AMA, we don’t want to open the door to rescue questions we don’t have the answers to now, I will share what we know at this point. Kenya’s habitat is essentially completed. We now have all of the materials necessary to begin building Tamy’s enclosure but that process is still in its early stages for many reasons (Covid, dangers that might be associated with welding during the dry season, and other finer details). We are always in communication with other facilities about potential rescues, but we cannot make any official comment on those discussions, because relationships among facilities, agencies, and organizations can be complicated. We also don’t want to make any claims or statements that could fall through, because that is always disappointing for everyone involved. We do announce our rescues early, but we really can’t talk about elephants we hope to/want to rescue before important details are finalized. As far as transporting, we would only be guessing at this point. However, Kenya has been moved before and the experience would be familiar to her, whereas Guillermina has no experience in being transported, so it will be hard to know what her reaction will be. We will certainly be adding more information to our website with regards to Kuky and Pupy when we can. Thank you so much for all of your care and concern for the elephants.

  18. REPLY
    Terry Feleppa says

    I’m curious about the digestive system of the girls. Humans have a very lengthy intestinal tract. How about elephants?… and, do they benefit from pre and probiotics for a healthy microbiome?

  19. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    What a great idea! You guys are the best! Your explanation about the differences between African and Asians and why they’re always kept separate have been so helpful. Now I’ve been wondering if they will gain comfort in knowing other elephants are nearby, even though they can’t be with each other, like when Kenya comes? There won’t be anything like fence-fighting, will there? Seems like elephants have nothing but good in their hearts. Thanks!

  20. REPLY
    Nancy HartGold says

    When the male elephants arrive will they ever interact with the ladies or stay separate? When there is more than 1 male will the interact?

  21. REPLY
    SHEILA says


  22. REPLY
    Anita J says

    Thank you Sara for your very detailed answers. Much appreciated here! Everything is crystal clear and very sensible..:-)) I have one more general elephant question if I may! (feel so spoilt here…lol). I have watched some videos on youtube of elephants giving birth in a wild. It looks like Mum is always away from the herd for this event. Sometimes she goes quite far away and sometimes just out of sight. But as soon as the baby is born and on its feet the herd is rushing in! They usually enclose Mum and baby so they are both very protected. It happens as well when Mum has to catch up with the herd. As soon as they are near their herd, the protective wall is immediately build around them. Do you know if those observations are valid? Is this how it always is? Them giving birth away from the herd? Thank you. These videos were about African ellies not the Asian once but it may be same for both species.

  23. REPLY
    John says

    Well, I would like to know how y’all manage to be so amazing, incredible, and wonderful? Is there something in the water down there?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Ha! If only…
      Thank you.

  24. REPLY
    Lori Hoover says

    I started writing this out yesterday, but a thunderstorm in my area put a stop to it. So, here goes: I know you’ve made posts before about the local habitat and wildlife, both just going about their business and with rehab help, but being a cat person I have always wondered if you have come across any ocelots or margays, or even jaguars or pumas or signs of such in your area? Fortunately, even the big cats are, mostly, lone hunters and the elephants are too big for them. I just wondered on signs or encounters with any of the wild cats of any size in the area. Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question and for taking care of the elephants and all in the Sanctuary grounds.

  25. REPLY
    Sara says

    Thank you all for submitting questions. We’ve received quite a few here and from other corners of the social media world. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to answering as many of your queries as possible very soon.

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