Arya & Sheldon’s New Space

With everything that has been going on we forget to post on Arya & Sheldon’s new space and when we let these two tapirs into this larger yard as the next phase of their rehabilitation and release. The yard they are in now is the last step before being soft released onto the property. They have between 1 and 2 acres of natural space with a pond, pasture and plenty of trees, bushes and vines. Here they will learn to become self-reliant and gain a better understanding of what it will be like to live in the big¬†wild world.

Both Sheldon and Arya stayed true to their personalities. Sheldon (we don’t refer to them by name or talk to them at this point) was a little nervous, but did walk around to explore. Arya never moved from the first set of tall grass. Although their previous space also has grass and other natural foods, it seems this grass was new and quickly became a favorite of hers.

We did not stay with them for long, just to ensure there wasn’t any high level of panic. By the time we left, Arya was still eating. They both quickly began to use their new space, finding favorite hiding spots for at night, good shady sleepy spots for the daytime and taste testing almost everything that grows there. How quickly this yard is opened up into the outside world will depend on their response and comfort level. As of now, they are both doing very well.

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