April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part V

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa: Part V.  This is Pelusa- she is cheeky, stubborn, insecure and also extremely underweight and suffering from a debilitating foot condition. She is at a zoo in Argentina, waiting on approval of her CITES permits to be brought to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Her rescue is already funded by Fondation Franz Weber but we are asking for help with her extensive medical costs, so we can provide her with the best care possible at sanctuary.

For those of you who are afraid to watch because you are worried the video may be sad (just the first little bit is her life now), please try and watch. The video isn’t about her sadness now. It’s about hope, it’s about the healing ability of sanctuary, it’s about what it should mean to be an elephant and what we can all do to give them their lives back, a life worth living. This video is about her future, which may be what helps her to keep going. So please, watch and share so others can understand the true beauty of what sanctuary means for captive elephants. It’s up to all of us to change her future and that of other elephants in captivity.

If GSE is new to you, our work may not be. Scott Blais, our founder, co-founded the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee when he was 21. We are no longer there, but the lessons shared by all of the elephants we cared for is what shaped Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. If you want to learn more about what ESB is like, to ensure you are supporting a true sanctuary, please go HERE to see what sanctuary means to us and our elephants.

Thank you

April, 2018 Visit to Pelusa Series:

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    F&P (friends of Rambita!) says

    Please Pelusa, be strong!! We love you Pelusa!! Thanks Kat, Suz, Scott and all the caregivers who support Pelusa!!

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