Another Lovely Day At Sanctuary

GuidaAnother lovely day at sanctuary.

Our welders were doing some work on the gates in Asia, so the girls stayed a bit close to see what they were doing. While Maia was more content to go off and eat, Guida felt she needed to supervise a bit more.

At one point Maia napping became the priority and laid down, which resulted in Guida standing over her to protect her sleepy friend. Shortly after her nap, it actually started raining. Not normally too exciting, but it’s the middle of the dry season so any rain is cause for a party.

Work was also started at the African barn. All of the cut pipes have been brought up and separated already. This afternoon they started to level things out, create a place for runoff of water and start staking out the corners of the stalls. Onward 

the photo- beautiful Guida

August 2, 2018



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