We are taking the next step toward making Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality.

It has only been one month since we launched Global Sanctuary for Elephants and announced our pilot project Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Thanks to the generous support we have received, we are moving ahead with our plans for a 4 week visit to Brazil. We have not raised all of the money necessary to cover the time that will need to be dedicated, once we return, to formalize a prospectus, but momentum is building in Brazil and there are elephants waiting on us.

Our partners from ElephantVoices Brasil are putting together a schedule that will turn our visit into a whirlwind of activity. We have meetings with key officials and regulatory agencies that will set the foundation for our future collaborations. We also have plans to visit several of the elephants that we hope will find a healthy and compassionate future at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. These will be the most difficult and heartbreaking days but it is an important part of our journey so we can see, first hand, the dire living conditions and health of some of the elephants in need.

During this trip we will also be making a formal announcement to the public that we expect will kick off a frenzy of media excitement. We already have scheduled interviews and public appearances that will literally cause us to hit the road running. Upon arrival in Sao Paulo on the 28th, we immediately jump in a car for a 5 hour drive to Curitaba, where we will join our partners in Brazil and film director Tim Gorski at the Film Festival for the Animals for a showing of “How I Became an Elephant” and “An Apology to Elephants”, followed by a panel Q&A session with the festival guests, that Scott will participate in.

Aside from building fundamental relationships and expanding our network of supporters, one of the primary objectives is to gather the necessary information that will allow us to develop a clear path toward making Elephant Sanctuary Brazil a reality. One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle and truly the keystone block to moving forward is to identify the ideal property. Once the property is identified, its location and topography will allow us to answer the next two pivotal questions: how long will it take before we can offer elephants in need a new life, and the proverbial “elephant in the room” – what will it cost?

We anticipate many hours of traveling, flying to remote areas and driving through the countryside as we explore a variety of regions with properties that have made the short list. Throughout our journey we will stay connected through Facebook and Twitter, sharing this journey, posting video and pictures of our travels, and informing you of any issues and small victories along the way. As part of the trip, we will be meeting with Brazilians and some US nationals living in Brazil who have already agreed to join our team. We will introduce you to them through our blogs and share with you the gifts and enthusiasm they bring to the table. With a project of this magnitude there is a place for everyone; spreading the word, locating supplies and building materials, and contacting corporate donors. It truly will take a village to help us make a positive change.

We still need to raise the remainder of the Crowdfunding campaign – but we are taking a leap of faith that our family of support will continue to grow as we move forward with this trip, raising awareness and engaging the public. We are confident that now is the time to take action. If we wait until an available opportunity after the holidays, it will push everything back another 6-8 weeks. That may not seem like much but the elephants in need have been waiting a lifetime for us and every day will make a difference.

Please continue to spread the word about our projects and goals and help to build support by directing people to our website, and our CrowdFunding campaign for Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, at

Thank you for joining us on our journey to help make a positive change for the lives of captive elephants in need.