An Update From the Road

Checking in from the cars while there was a small window of reception. Unfortunately the video freezes a couple of times and then ends abruptly. But you do get to see Ramba on her live camera feed.

And for those of you that aren’t receiving text updates, here is the one a few hours ago that mentions the flat tire:  “Truck has a flat, so we’re at a shop having it repaired. That makes it time for lunch. Everyone is fine, Ramba is parked in the shade enjoying her sugar cane.”

October 17, 2019





  1. REPLY
    Sheila says

    God Bless ur team Scott, Amazing how God provided BOLT BLESSING near the truck to be exactly what u needed to fix the Tire on wheel, ??❤️?. SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT SPECIAL SWEET LADY ?RAMBA. EATING AND DRINKING SO WELL! RAMBA? SURE KNOWS. SHES GOING TO A NEW HOME I BELIEVE ??❤️???????. BLESSINGS. FOR A GREAT CONTINUED JOURNEY SCOTT AND TEAM??❤️

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    you are all wonderful! Safe journey onwards – with a full team!!!

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