All Sweetness

Sometimes her face is all sweetness.
Guida ❤️
June 3, 2019




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    Maggie says

    Beautiful girl. ??????

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    Susan says

    How long was it before Guida stopped swaying and bobbing once she reach sanctuary? Bless all of you. What a horrendous live for so many long years. It makes me crazy when elephants have a sanctuary to go to but cannot get released. We have that in Los Angeles zoo with Billie, PAWS will take him but he still remains at the zoo. And then there are all the ones you are waiting for… makes me crazy. 🙁

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      Kat Blais says

      Her shift was immediate, although more often than not, that’s not the case. Probably within the first week she went from swaying 95% of the day to maybe 20%. And once she had her new yard it went down to maybe 5%. And with the next yard, only while waiting for dinner or breakfast. It was a huge shift for her, but one that also showed it was directly linked to space and the mental stimulation it offers when paired with choice.

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    Liora Davis says

    She is so sweet and beautiful, what a beautiful picture of her!

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    Nishant Bhajaria says

    Guida is so beautiful. I know this gentle soul has passed, but her memories and her spirit will endure forever.

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