All Six Girls Wandering

Lady decided recently that she wanted to return to the male Asian yard. She is very clear about letting us know when and where she wants to go. In this case, she went to the area where the female and male gates connect and stared out in that direction. So, of course, we opened up the yard for her to enjoy. 

The rest of the elephants have access to Yards 4 and 5 and the smaller yards near the barn. Maia and Guillermina were in Yard 5, while the other girls remained in Yard 4. While in Yard 5, Maia took advantage of the pond, which is no surprise since she is a great lover of soaks. For whatever reason, Guillermina decided not to join her. Later in the afternoon we found Guille with the Powerpuff Girls and not with Maia. Maia was across the creek and all the way at the back of Yard 5. 

Where Maia crosses the creek is not difficult and it’s hard to imagine that Guille wouldn’t have the ability to cross if she wanted to. We haven’t yet seen Guille on the far side of Yard 5, though she doesn’t seem to have a problem crossing the creek in Yard 4. Lady crosses over in that area of Yard 5 often and, if Lady can do it, the others should be able to do it  as well. But perhaps Guillermina lost sight of Maia or just decided she wanted to eat with the others. Either way, everyone seemed to enjoy their evenings, wherever they ended up.  

Photo of Guillermina with Mara in the background

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