After Dinner With Five Girls

On a recent trip to feed the elephants, we found Maia, Guillermina, Mara, Bambi, and Rana all near each other. Maia and Guillermina were standing near the fenceline and the Powerpuff Girls were hanging out by the pond. One caregiver fed the two girls who were together and others fed the three girls who were basking near the water. We decided to stay for a few minutes, just to see how things went. 

As you may know, we strategically place hay and snacks in random places throughout the habitat in the evenings to provide extra calories during the dry season and to encourage wandering. Mara, Bambi, and Rana went into the habitat first after eating. After a little while, the others showed up. Guille ended up placing herself between Rana and Bambi. It seems that everyone was fine with this situation. In a scenario where food was all around, Guille chose socialization, which we found encouraging.

Guille then headed toward Mara before walking back to Bambi, then checked in with Maia. She seemed to be bouncing back and forth to spend time with the other girls – which appeared more interesting to her than searching for treats.Guille is learning ways to control her energy when around the other girls and this is allowing more opportunities for them to mingle. 

We only stayed a moment, since we didn’t want to interrupt their evening. But as we were driving away, everyone was calm and seemed nice and comfortable. 


  1. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Awww how sweet to see all the girls together enjoying each other they’re a sisterhood and growing closer every day 🤗

  2. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    They look so peaceful

  3. REPLY
    Beji says

    This is heartwarming

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