After Breakfast Hangout

After breakfast seems to be a relaxed time in general, as the elephants enjoy space together or on their own – their choice, of course – generally grazing and having a laid-back time. 

This video is a good example of how, when we say that the girls “aren’t all together,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re far apart from each other. Here you can see (from left to right) Maia, Bambi, Guillermina, Mara, and Rana. Some have congregated with one another and others have spread out a little. As a group, they can all still see one another, but may prefer to snack alone for a few minutes, as Rana is doing. 

The habitat is large enough to allow for the girls to be both together and apart. Sometimes an elephant like Maia may want a little more space and will take a walk on her own, but other times when the girls take time to themselves, they still stay within sight of the others.


  1. REPLY
    Terry Silva says

    Absolutely fine and peaceful.

  2. REPLY
    Bonnie Guerra says

    Good evening what a beautiful sight to see these babies an the green grass an sounds

  3. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Angels in an earthly heaven! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. REPLY
    Nancy Crider says

    Love watching an ele chew, as Rana is doing in this clip. They seem to enjoy every morsel.

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