Protecting, Rescuing and Providing Sanctuary for Elephants Worldwide

Thousands of captive elephants in circuses and zoos around the world have lived a life of suffering. Years of isolation, restraint, malnutrition, abuse, and lack of adequate exercise and proper medical care exact a harsh physical and psychological toll on these highly intelligent, sensitive, and social creatures.

Global Sanctuary for Elephants (GSE) exists to provide a safe and healing home for them, allowing them autonomy, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Working with an international team, GSE is part of a worldwide movement that is redefining what a sanctuary should and can be.

Redefining Sanctuary

Our unique philosophy of sanctuary has been intimately influenced by every one of the elephants we have worked with over the past 35 years. They have taught us that sanctuary can be a profound, dynamic, and life-altering experience that honors each elephant as a unique and complex individual.

True sanctuary provides them with autonomy and expansive, natural spaces with minimal human interference, where they are able to create bonds with other elephants and heal from the physical and emotional trauma of their past.

We believe each elephant deserves to be respected as an entire being: body, mind, and emotions. Sanctuary makes this possible.

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How You Can Help

Working together, we can change the lives of captive elephants across the globe. 

When you adopt one of the very special elephants at our internationally renowned wild habitat sanctuary, you are not only standing up in support of elephant welfare, but you are helping us to provide comprehensive care for elephants who have endured decades of suffering and are now on a journey to physical and emotional healing. 

Your Support Makes All The Difference

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Our Elephant-Centric Approach

With over 50 years of combined elephant experience, our co-founders are leading experts in elephant wellness and uniquely qualified to create supportive environments that are conducive to deep healing. This includes:

  • • Vast, safe, natural spaces shared only by elephants of the same species to ensure elephant safety and respect the substantial differences between species
  • • Elephant-centric care with maximum autonomy and limited human intervention where elephants live free from the impacts of human expectations
  • • Positive reinforcement training and protected contact to allow for safe and respectful medical management

Together, we can help more captive elephants experience the physical and emotional healing that true sanctuary provides. Learn more about how you can help by adopting an elephant today.

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Our first sanctuary, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, is an internationally renowned wild habitat sanctuary that provides homes and care for captive elephants. The sanctuary sits on 2,800 acres of lush habitat and allows the elephants to wander freely, have an expansive, safe space surrounding them, and create a herd – all things that were taken from them as children.

Our Latest Partnership

Global Sanctuary for Elephants is proud to partner with WATER FOR ELEPHANTS – the new Broadway musical – to bring awareness to the plight of captive elephants and to advocate for solutions that offer them a more hopeful future.

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