A Slight Change in Ramba’s Flight Itinerary


Lovely Miss Ramba has had a change in her flight itinerary. Don’t worry, nothing drastic, but we like to keep everyone informed. ? Ramba will now be landing in a different airport for her rescue. The equipment needed to offload her in Brasilia is not at the airport, in disrepair, and would cost an extra $30,000 to use. Although we were assured numerous times that they were equipped for her arrival, an employee of the airport let us know they are not.

What does this mean for Ramba? She will now be landing in Campinas, which means her flight will be shorter. Now she’s looking at a 4-hour flight. But in turn, her drive will be half a day longer once she arrives in Brazil. Our hope is, that since this airport handles more live cargo arrivals, her transition from the plane to the road will be smoother. There is a lot of legalities and paperwork involved, and hopefully, experience proves to be to Ramba’s advantage.

It also means the day of her flight will change, but it shouldn’t be by much. We are still looking at October, just trying to sort out the best date. The funds needed for her flight will not change. The $125,000 was a discount rate for just that day in Brasilia (because of an existing delivery), but is the standard price for Campinas.

You can still donate and be part of bringing Ramba to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. As of now, there is $4,000 left in the 10K match.  Hurry to get your donation doubled here →   Once the match is met, we will be 2/3 of the way to the cost of her flight. Getting close and looking forward to Ramba’s life-changing forever.

Thank you for making all of this possible.  ❤️

August 20, 2019


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    alana says

    Practice makes perfect! You guys are doing an amazing job putting this all together! Nobody uses donated $$ better than you.

  2. REPLY
    carey says

    Thanks for your update. Lucky you found out about the equipment, and half a day extra travel time is not too much because Ramba must be very used to travelling in her previous circus life. Onwards to her new life. All the donors are amazing, and well done to you ALL at GSE for organising such a big process from CITES onwards. Bravo!!!

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