A Quiet Day With All the Girls Doing Well


Everyone is doing well, and it is a quiet day. It’s still hot here, and with the high temperatures hitting around 100*F (38*C), the elephants are feeling slow.

Yesterday, our Facebook Live ended with Maia walking away from Bambi to look for her dinner. After Maia finished eating, she stayed near Bambi for a little bit before heading into Yard 4 near Rana and Mara.

This morning, Maia, Rana, and Mara were still together near the pond in Yard 4. Everyone seems to prefer a specific spot in the pond. It’s a deeper little nook on the pond’s east edge, and everyone seems to want to stand in that particular location. It appears that each of the three had a turn this morning standing in the hole, and everybody also had a turn this morning watching someone else stand in the spot. It was quite charming to observe. Currently, Maia is lying down in the pond.

Meanwhile, Bambi is still spending time near the barn, as is Lady. Lady had foot soaks in the barn this morning while Bambi was in Yard 1. They have been observing each other throughout the day, and Lady hasn’t run away. She will stand and watch Bambi for some time, and then she will walk off a short distance to stand under one of her favorite shade trees to nap or scratch herself against it. Bambi is rumbling, and occasionally trumpeting. Lady is listening to her, but she isn’t responding with vocalizations that we can hear.

Bambi trumpets in ways that seem random – she’ll be grazing and suddenly trumpet. Sometimes we see a reason, like a bird, but generally, it seems to come out of nowhere. They don’t sound worried or concerned. It may be that she is really enjoying her grass.

Overall, Bambi is doing quite well – she briefly chased a dove and seemed very proud of herself after. She’s had a few little “kicking the bushes” party – similar to what Lady does. As with Lady, it seems like a silly and playful behavior. We have seen Bambi lying down on the cameras at night, which shows she is resting well and feeling more comfortable.

Bambi has also enjoyed several baths today. She will walk over to a trough to drink and start bathing herself from the trough. Bambi seems to have already figured out her humans pretty well. After a few trunkfuls of water, she will begin looking around expectantly for a human to come and turn on the nearby shower. Of course, we walk over and do it for her (yes, she is training us quite well!). We are always happy to spoil the elephants here, but it’s a little amusing how quickly Bambi has figured us out.

Everybody is slow today, looking for shade and relaxing and focusing on trying to stay cool until the sun goes down. Thankfully, the temperatures drop significantly at night in the valley. The lows at the higher elevations are in the mid-to-low 70*s (23*C), but it cools off even more in most of the habitat.

It looks like these unseasonably hot and dry days will continue for at least a few more days. We are all looking forward to the rain that will hopefully come soon, marking the dry season’s end.

Photo of Bambi scratching on a tree, but not The Itchy Scratchy Tree.

September 30


Asian habitat map rev6


Hot off the press!  Enjoy this quick little video of Bambi playing in the water just now!


  1. REPLY
    Nannette Stone says

    Oh Bambi, you are just totally amazing. Who would have thought we would see this transfomation so soon.

    • REPLY
      Charlotte Hansen says

      These posts have become the highlight of my day!!

  2. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    Bambi must think she is in Elephant Heaven.

  3. REPLY
    Wim says

    Great they all enjoy their little piece of Paradise. Will be interesting to watch all the steps they make together or in couples.

  4. REPLY
    arie says

    First of all I hope it will rain soon and bring some coolness for you all!

    It is good for Bambi that Lady tiptoes around a little, so they get used to each other without any pressure.

    About time Bambi came along, so the humans will be trained and drilled properly..?


  5. REPLY
    Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

    Me encanta vuanfo Scott le dice Silly Girl,tan cariñosamente??Bambi sos mug inteligente ya calaste a tus humanos y sabes pedir que te tiren agua.Asi que trompeteaste hoy de contenta? Ya te haras amiga de Lady?despues de observarse tanto,y Maia que linda ,tu primer amiga!Faltan las loquitas de Marita y Rana,cuantas emociones y que bien te adaptas amor.Te quieroo Bambilindi?

  6. REPLY
    Lori Hoover says

    It’s so great to hear about all the girls today. Tis all.

  7. REPLY

    I look forward to these posts, pictures & vids every day. They make me smile. Way to go girls! Especially the newbie on the block, Miss Bambalina!

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      Bambalina. Bambaliscious. I believe there are others. She just may be on her way to having the most nicknames yet. ;). Thank you, Francine! ❤️

      • FRANCINE A FORD says

        Miss Bamtastic sleeping on her side and living her baths and rubbing trunks with Maia are HUGE breakthroughs! Wouldn’t it be great if all her new experiences of being an elephant on elephant time could erase any bad past memories she has. You go Girl! My ❤

      • EleComposer says


  8. REPLY
    Claudia Simpson says

    I feel like Lady and Bambi will be good friends. ?

  9. REPLY
    Nola Bachiu says

    I love seeing the Bambi videos and posts. So happy she arrived safely. I really hope good health allows her to live a good life there and form close bonds. We humans owe Bambi for years of abuse, servitude, slavery and isolation all for human pleasure. You go Bambi girl and enjoy!

  10. REPLY
    AudreyD says

    This is wonderful news. They must sense, there is an issue with Bambi & are there to help with her transition into the Sanctuary. ? ?

  11. REPLY
    Sallie says

    ROCK IT OUT, Ladies!

  12. REPLY
    Ingrid says

    I adore watching these beautiful elephants slowly start finding freedom and kindness at this beautiful sanctuary. Thank you Scott and Kat and the team. My heart wants Lady-Bug and Bambi to comfort each other too. I hope all the humans have caught up on sleep after the long rescue trip. Sending hugs.

  13. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Well, this is amazing. Bambi has started to feel at home. What a transformation! She does love her showers so I am waiting to see what she thinks of the rain when it comes. I remember Scott saying that she did not like rain when at the zoo.
    I hope the rains come soon for you all, I would be most uncomfortable in those temps. At least the girls seek out the cooler spots and Maia can be a pond blob!
    Here’s to another good day for Bambina, Bambaliciously Miss Bambi! (yep, our new cutey has lots of nicknames! LOL!)

  14. REPLY
    Jane Taylor says

    Are you planning for increasing climate change? Do you have a fire evacuation plan?

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      one of the reasons we chose this property was because of decrease rain and water in many other areas with a suitable climate. we upgraded our water supply system this year and had a well company here to install two new wells, but they left due to Covid. and yes, we have a fire plan, although the fires here burn low and slow, so we would be able to bring the girls into the barn and let things pass. the surrounding area is sand, but we also have equipment to water things down and create additional firebreaks if needed. we do fire maintenance every year.

  15. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Lots of trunks up mean lots of ⛱good luck!????❤️

  16. REPLY
    german says

    Hemosas ellas y hermoso lo que ustedes hacen, espero poder hacer mas para ayudarlos.

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