A Purity To A Mother’s Love

Pocha and Guillermina at Mendoza ZooWe wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, whether you are a mom by genetics or by the support and love you provide. Be it to other humans or those with fur, feathers, fins or scales. There is a purity to a mother’s love that is unparalleled, it is about putting the life of another before yours.

Although the picture of a mom and baby elephant is cute, it doesn’t fully embrace the depth of motherhood. The relationship between elephants like Pocha and Guillermina better represent¬†what being a mother really means. Their situation is anything but easy, their world is tiny, they are on top of each other all day, every day, and there is nothing for either of them but each other- some food, the sky, a visit from Tamy through the bars or over the wall every now and again, but the rest of the day is just the two of them.

Pocha has been a fantastic mom and has somehow found a way to raise her child in the most sterile surroundings imaginable. No toys, no distractions, nowhere for her daughter to burn off energy, just her and their small space. Guillermina doesn’t seem to know accepted social elephant behavior. She can be pushy and bothersome at times, yet Pocha tolerates it all. Rarely does she seem to put her foot down and say enough, and when she does, it’s in that mom way of a simple look and it is done.

Without help from anyone, Pocha has raised a daughter who is more stable than should be possible in their situation. Pocha gladly puts her daughter before her, letting her eat first and snatch her favorites if there are any. Pocha has supported Guillermina through 19 years of struggle and done so beautifully- honestly, it’s shocking.

This to me is a mother. True unconditional love and dedication that knows no boundaries and somehow only grows stronger in the face of adversity. There’s no logic to it, it’s that intangible ‘thing’ that happens when you become a mom.

So to all of those mothers out there, thank you for putting up with the bad, relishing in the good and sticking it out no matter what life threw at you. There’s no gift that compares to the love of a mother.¬†

For those who don’t know Pocha and Guillermina, they are at the Mendoza Zoo, who have agreed to send them to sanctuary. Their rescue will be a long process, but you can learn more by clicking HERE.



  1. REPLY
    Susan says

    I live for the day when the Mendoza 4 can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Any idea how long we are looking at? Years? Bless you for keeping them on our radar. All I have figured out how to help is to stay busy in my own neighborhood supporting the wildlife and animals and people in need. Otherwise I would go crazy. Sending lots of positive energy and love to all of you connected with this work. You are the angels among us.

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      We hope it won’t be years. Pocha and Guillermina will be first, because their habitat is already built- maybe 9 months for building their training wall at the zoo, training them for their needed behaviors and quarantine. We can build the other habitats while this happens, but we still need to raise funds for the African elephant fencing (partially funded) and all of the money for Tamy’s habitat. How long it takes will depend on how quickly we can raise the money needed.

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    Laura Cotter says

    So glad to hear the Mendoza 4 are in the pipeline for sanctuary. Unbearable to read the life of Pocha and Guillermina……..not that Kenya’s and Tamy’s would be any better. So wish I was a millionaire who could make dreams like this come true much quicker. Prayers for all concerned that someone capable would come forth with funding.

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