A Moment to Pause and Reflect


The elephants in our lives have taught us many lessons. One is to appreciate the ‘little’ things that aren’t so little- the next sunrise, a selfless gesture, a gentle touch, the pain of loss that only comes when you were lucky enough to have loved. Today we take a moment to pause and reflect on all of the gifts life has given us. ❤️

And no worries, everything and everyone in our little sanctuary bubble are fine.

Photo of Mara.

September 11, 2020


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    Susan says

    Everyone at Sanctuary caring for all the beautiful beings….you are all a gift and I am so grateful to be able to share in it. Love and hugs to all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Debbie Sides says

    Magnificent place ESB is for magnificent beings.

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      Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

      Se me anudo la garganta de emocion?.Gracias por compartir tanto amor y sensibilidad.Mara sos la ternura con 4 patas,y tu amada Rana y Lady y Maia,las 4 brillan intensamente generando ,dando y devolviendo felicidad.y ya llegara Bambi y asi esperemos mas elefantas necesitadas de una vida digna ! ( Marita saliste divina en ese atardecer,brillas mas que el sol!!???

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    arie says

    Beautiful words and so true.
    Marvelous sunset photo ?❤️

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    Nishant Bhajaria says

    What a poignant post during these troubled times – I do want to ask, who is the elephant in the photo? 🙂

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      EleComposer says

      Mara ❤️

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    DM Spinharney says

    Great reminder on this 9/11 anniversary! Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to your
    daily updates and I am so excited that a new elephant is soon going to join your herd!

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    Barb says

    Wonderful thoughts we can all live by. The little things mean so much. Thank you and happy all are well at ESB!

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    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Thank you for a lovely an inspiring message. So appropriate for this day of remembrance, that we take a minute to appreciate the little things in life that it is so easy to take for granted.

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    Wim says

    Thank you for the beautiful and precious thoughts. This day we’ll always remember. Let’s keep on sharing, caring and loving for each other long as the sentient wind blows. Stay safe and sheltered forever.

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    Alana says

    So TRUE! Stay well!

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    Patricia says

    Thank you and the girls for filling our hearts with love every day!

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    Bobi StaySee says

    With your words, p e a c e washes over p a i n. Grateful.

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    Bo says

    Sometimes words just can’t express feelings though often the words in the messages from the people at the sanctuary or everyone posting reactions here on the messages often are just the words that you feel are so true.
    And they help. Thank you very much!

    Wonderful photo, so beautiful!

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    Theresa says

    Tina the Elephant from the Vancouver Game Farm was who was rescued so many years ago is very much in my thoughts today. It was her plight that gave me the great gift of Hope and introduced me to my Hero, Scott.
    Thank you Scott.❤️

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    Paula says

    A todos ustedes les dedico estas palabras desde lo profundo de mi corazón:
    “Gracias Señor porque amanece el día y de nuevo resplandece el sol, por todo cuanto es vida en torno de mí porque en todo está tu Amor”
    Los elefantes nos enseñan, cada día, que el amor es más fuerte que el dolor y la muerte❤

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    Sallie says

    The sensitivity of these sweet elephants, truly shows their innate sense of love and admiration for their staff and Kat & Scott. I also think that they each have a feel for the videography and photos, and know how to pose! We LOVE these girls “posing”! We feel that it is just for us!

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    Sheila says

    Yes indeed i believe we must be grateful for all little things in our lives we have a tendency to forget as insignificant‼️ little sweet things, moments, or past people can make us happier than big expensive things‼️we seem to forget simple things, like loving anmals❗️ beautiful nature❗️ country of freedom❗️taking time to focus on nature and animals is truly a healthy grateful way to recharge our souls?

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    Rosie P says

    What a beautiful post. So very true. Throughout my life it has been the animals who have taught me to appreciate the important things….yes, the little things that aren’t so little! Time in the company of animals has also enriched my life, taught me patience and a feeling of peace with the ways of Nature. I feel blessed and I will never give up the fight for their freedom.
    Superb photo of Mara against the backdrop of sanctuary and the Brazilian sky. This is freedom, this is MARA!

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    Sallie says

    These phenomenal & special girls are definitely the teachers, and we are the students . . . I LOVE being a student!

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    Mario Chiozza says


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