A Little Nearby Splish Splashing Didn’t Awaken This Pond Blob

Rana and Mara

Maia continues to nap on the edge of the ponds, without regard to who is nearby.

One recent morning, Maia, Rana, and Mara were spending time relatively close in Yard 4. Unsurprisingly, Maia wandered off to take a nap in the nearby pond. She slept in the shallow area, where she could sleep deeply with her trunk propped up on the edge of the pond for ease of breathing. Meanwhile, Mara went in the mud wallow and played for a bit. At one point, we peeked at the cameras and saw Mara and Rana watching Maia sleep in the pond. They watched her with interest, but they didn’t seem concerned, just mildly curious about the pond blob. After a while, they started slowly approaching the pond. They ended up around 10 yards (9 meters) away from a sleeping Maia, but still along the edge of the water. Rana began splashing, and then Mara started splashing a little bit after. The two of them seemed to be enjoying playing in the pond, and Maia remained a pond blob a short distance away.

After a few minutes, Rana decided to go into the pond. The water was a little past her wrists on her front legs, and she was just splashing away, having a blast. Rana’s deeper splashing woke up Maia, who popped up out of the water. As soon as Maia appeared, Mara quickly walked a few steps away. Mara knew that the big lump was Maia, but she apparently still was not prepared for the big lump of Maia to move.

Rana stayed in the water at first, clearly torn between following her friend and continuing to play. After a few seconds, Rana got out of the pond and followed Mara.

Maia was cute about it. Fully awake, she got out of the water and grazed for around 40 minutes before returning to the pond to splash for a few minutes and then lay down for another nap.

Photo of Rana (left) and Mara (right)

August 23, 2020


A Little Nearby Splish Splashing Didn’t Awaken This Pond Blob


  1. REPLY
    Alana says

    Great photo! The girls are looking wonderful.

    • REPLY
      Elaine K Decker says

      Naps are very tiring…?

      • Nancy Shaw says

        I agree ! : ) !!

      • Wim says

        Love the photo and adore the story. Made me think of water for the Elephants. Wonderful how they create there own world when freedom is theirs again. THANK YOU FOREVER.

  2. REPLY
    Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

    Lindas es poco DIVINAAS LAS 3???!!! Sus historias son divertidas,ellas disfrutan tanto de su nueva vida,el Santuario es un Paraiso llenas de amor y cuidados y del mayor tesoro,su libertad.

  3. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Nothing really disturbs Maia from being a pond blob!…..or maybe dinner????

  4. REPLY
    MARCELA says

    Se nota que disfrutan de su nueva vida y de su libertad! Sin horarios ni presiones. Sólo hacer lo que desean y con quienes quieren. Y lo único que reciben a cambio es amor, cuidado y dedicación hacia ellas. Las adoro cada día más y a uds. También por estar junto a ellas.

  5. REPLY
    Paula says

    Hermosa historia!
    Las chicas están aumentando la interacción entre ellas, me alegro mucho! ❤
    Mara aún con cierta cautela hacia Maia, por suerte ella tiene a la dulce Rana para darle confianza!
    Lady, dónde estás hermosa dama?
    Aún faltas a esta fiesta ?
    Seguro ella estará disfrutando el día en sus arbustos ???

  6. REPLY
    Sallie says

    geesh! This is like sly competitions in school for girl friends! It is a similar refrain of i am prettier, i am smarter, i could care less . . . Yes elaine, naps are everything! And the reactions are so girlie! Love it!

  7. REPLY
    Bertica Valdes Suarez says

    Splish, splash, float, sleep in the mud, graze, watch my friends nearby… do some more of the same later, thank you, paradise! (thank you, Kat and Scott!)

  8. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    So funny! It is quite obvious that the three girls are becoming very comfortable with each other, while respecting boundaries. THANK YOU GSE ???❤️

  9. REPLY
    Phyllis Ainsworth White says

    What an awesome responsibility looking after and caring for these elephants. I wonder though do you pinch yourself every day at how lucky (perhaps not the best word) you are to be in their presence every single day?

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