A Letter to Medow

Written by Lisa-

My dearest Medow;
I believe the world is a wheel. Each spoke important. If we do not take care of all the spokes, the wheel will eventually collapse on itself.  You, are such a majestic spoke, part of such an incredible species, being ruined by the very species I belong too. I am ashamed with so many things in this world.  I believe we attach ourselves to the spoke we are meant to…help…protect.  You and all your kind have become my spoke.  The one I cry for.  Mourn the potential loss of you and yours.  I will never forget the first time I saw you.  All the lessons you taught me. Of perseverance despite injury, acceptance, trust….forgiveness of those who had harmed you.  The touch of your skin, the veins of your ears (your personal fingerprint), your beautiful eyes that cry.  Your love for watermelons. I wish now that I had not been intimidated by your sleeping mahout as you cooled yourself in the river.  I rolled the watermelon to you, how I wish I had placed it gently towards your trunk. The last time I saw you. Crying, yet smiling as you you broke it into three, each piece eaten separately.  Your style of choice.  You were unaware that each morning I brought my tea to the skywalk, as the sun rose, just to watch you in awe as you kept up despite your broken ankle and hip, to keep up with your found sisters.  I saw the love the three of you have for each other, the 1000 moment, trumpeted by your matriarch, for the three of you to gather, squeak, rumble, trumpet..all those sweet ele comments.  You were only three, yet you carried on your ancestry of hierarchy, love, impatience, protectiveness, acceptance, caressing, following, learning from each other.  What a privilege it was to witness your life.  Your instincts  Your gentleness. Thank-you for letting me rest my head on you.  You will never know the peace you and your friends gave me.  But you my sweet stole my heart. I saw your soul.  I know if only momentarily you saw mine.  I will return.  For selfish reasons, but also to know that you continue in the spirit of love that you taught me.  I am trying my best to share your plight…the plight of your species.  I promise to try and do more. To keep the elephants spoke strong. You are in my heart forever, I love all of you eles, Asian, African.  But you sweet Medow are imprinted in my mind, soul and heart forever.  Be safe  You are truly a blessing to this world.   xo

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