A Giving Tuesday Thank You

This week marked Giving Tuesday – a day when our supporters came together for the benefit of Global Sanctuary for Elephants and our beloved residents. It’s times like these when each of you truly show your dedication to the cause of captive elephants and their wellbeing. You can always be assured that every dollar you give directly impacts the girls here and their journeys toward health and happiness. 

We are pleased to announce that on Giving Tuesday we raised $58,731, with a $50,000 dollar-for-dollar match, for a grand total of $108,731. All of your gifts benefit both Rana, and (thanks to Asia Wild’s match) Lady, who require the most hands-on medical care. There’s no denying that, as we get older, our medical needs increase – which is the case with our beloved “grandma” Rana. Lady, of course, needs intensive daily care, which is costly to our organization, though worth every penny. Your faithful understanding of the elephants’ needs gives us hope for the future of each individual girl at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. 

We send our heartfelt thanks to those who gave, posted about the fundraiser on social media, or simply shared the importance of sanctuary for captive animals around the world. Your dedication makes our work possible.

Photo of Rana

P.S.: We have launched a set of holiday ornaments that you can use to make your tree, your gift packages, or any corner of your house more festive. Check out the Home and Office section of our new store for gift ideas and to purchase your 2023 elephant ornaments.


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    Lori Hoover says

    My Girl Rana looks spectacular. Grandma, you say? I know, she is well into those golden years, and I’m so thankful those years are there with you, and she does just look Golden!!

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