A Friend’s Call


It’s stunning here even when the storms are rolling in. Earlier this day the girls could be heard having a trumpet fest. At first Laura heard big rumbles, but the girls were nowhere in sight (which tells you how loud the rumble is). This lately is Guida’s m.o., when she wants Maia, she calls for her. Soon after started all of the trumpets. None of us could see them where they were but it was most likely a party when Maia decided to follow her friend’s calls. It’s one of the sweetest things about elephants, they truly celebrate when they get back together, even if it has only been a few minutes or hours.

Things are still running on schedule for Rana’s rescue. The hotel is working on leveling out the ground outside of her enclosure for the cranes and transport containers. We are putting in our first produce order for Rana through the hotel, with some extra special treats and permits are moving through the system. We will check in on Monday to see if everything has been finished with one agricultural agency so we can send it to another for final approval.

photo- sweet Guida and those ears 

December 8, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Bobbie Stasey says

    So beautiful. Thank you. Feels almost like we’re there.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    The girls love each other and depend on one another! Their hearts are together like one!!!

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