A Beautiful and Calm Day

This week, we had a particularly relaxed and peaceful morning. Mara, Rana, and Maia were exploring the farthest parts of Yard 4, grazing constantly along the way. They headed toward the mud wallow, most likely ready to get nice and dirty. Later in the day, we saw them looking very dusty and muddy, so it appears their mission was a success. 

Bambi and Guillermina joined the three for more dusting and grazing, while Lady spent some time in Yard 5. Lady wasn’t exploring as far into the habitat as she normally does, but there was plenty of green grass for her to enjoy without having to wander too far. 

There was a special easygoing atmosphere among all six of the elephants. The five girls were very close to each other for most of the day, breaking off into groups only occasionally. Some days at sanctuary just feel magical, and this has definitely been one of those days.

Photo of Rana


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    Lori Hoover says

    Good. It’s nice to know such days of beauty can and do exist for the girls. They certainly deserve it, a billion times over. Seeing a pic of Rana and picturing how a good day has gone for her and all the ladies brightens my day as well.

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    Shelley Russell says

    Well Sanctuary is magical for the girls when you think of their past life experiences! At times it must feel magical for you all! 🥰

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