An Update on Ramba From Her Caregiver Carolina

With all of the drone and pond fun going on lately, we haven’t done a Ramba update in a bit. Here is our report from Carolina yesterday.

“Welcome February! ! Today was a very very hot day, sometimes we feel a bit exhausted but nothing that a good bath can repair. being together it’s always a blessing, sharing walking around the habitat and eating willow branches make our day a bit more fresh…willow tree give us a very nice shade¬†?. We took a bath 3 times hahaha , I said “we” because I also took one …the weather was really strong, too hot and tomorrow will be the same.”

Ramba does much better with the heat than she does with the cold, although she ends up spending time inside to get out of the strong sun. Only during certain hours of the day do the willows create shade in her yard.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Ramba’s caregivers, Caro and Consu both speak Spanish as their first language, but thankfully have a good comprehension of the English language. We don’t edit their updates because we’ve found that some of the emotion gets lost when we do. And we are extremely grateful for their English skills.

photo- Ramba drinking from the hose inside of her barn


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    Debbie Sides says

    I’m praying Ramba gets to live at ESB this year. I’ve posted on Twitter again in hopes of getting donations for her transport to beautiful sanctuary.

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