Ramba: Alone And Waiting For Sanctuary

Ramba alone and waiting in Chile for sanctuaryThis is Ramba, she’s patient, gentle and easy as can be, but she is alone and still waiting for sanctuary. For those who don’t know her yet, she is an ex-cricus elephant who was confiscated about 6 years ago after a life of performance and abuse. She was initially supposed to go to a sanctuary in the US, but those plans fell through and she has been waiting at a roadside zoo in Chile for a healthy forever home ever since.

She is officially owned by the state, and a judge in Chile has agreed to send her to our sanctuary, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, but we need to raise additional funds to bring her home

Because of the zoo’s proximity to the Andes, the only safe way to get her here is by airplane. It’s a bigger price tag, but we’re working on it and she is worth it. We are currently talking with companies to reduce the cost of the flight and still trying to get a larger company to donate it all together. Ground transport and others involved are reducing their costs, to make her rescue more affordable knowing that every dollar saved allows us to bring her to sanctuary sooner.

Many of us have fought for years to get elephants to sanctuary, sometimes with no luck. Petitions are signed, letters are written, protests are held, all to try and give an elephant a chance at happiness. Ramba already has this chance, the only thing standing between her and sanctuary is the cost of her flight.

Just because there’s no need to fight, doesn’t mean there still isn’t work to do. Please consider donating to the cost of her transport, every single dollar makes a difference. Reach out to one of the large cargo companies and suggest they help with her rescue -often they appreciate hearing from ‘regular’ people more than the charities who are requesting help. Share this post, her page and her story with others who care and know that all captive elephants deserve a chance at sanctuary.

As we just saw with another elephant’s dream filled of a life at sanctuary, you never know when the right person will hear or see her story and change her world forever. Ramba is 51 and deserves to live out her golden years knowing the healing that comes from the freedom and autonomy of sanctuary and being able to share that life with others of her own kind. No elephant should live alone. You can help bring her home to Maia and Guida. Her herd awaits.

You can read more about her story here and learn why we all love her so.

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