Maia’s First Dip In Their New Pond

Scott dug the girls a pond just a couple of days ago and because of the rains, it is filling up fast. Yesterday it was just a big puddle but this morning it looked like this. It took a little while to be able to dig because you actually have to have a couple of dry days before you can dig without just making a mess- and that’s hard to come by in the rainy season.

They were able to get a bit of video of Maia taking her first ‘dip’ this morning, but it was a quick one. The four wheeler is the food machine, so Maia was slightly more interested in seeing if there was any mangoes than she was in stopping to bathe. Since the four wheeler was on the more sloped side of the pond, Maia could easily walk up the other side to where they were, so they had to leave and only got a tiny bit of video of her in the pond.

Of course we expect there to be many more swims, hopefully some including Guida, but we were all thrilled at Maia going in, how well the pond is holding water and how quickly it is filling, so we wanted to share it with everyone else.

Later this evening, you could see a very orange Maia by the lollipop tree, which is just down the road from the pond. Even though we might not have seen it, it appears Maia went back in once she had some time to herself. Guida was just a little orange, so she may be testing the waters. The other evidence…..poop balls floating in the pond. 

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