Pouring Concrete and Pouring Rain

Scott wrote this the day before yesterday. Something so simple, but goes to show even with supplies and the best laid plans, sometimes mother nature is the one that determines the schedule.

“The welcomed rain season has rapidly turned the sanctuary into a lush oasis and while we love and adore the rain, it has definitely impeded progress on the next section of fencing. This year has had more than our normal share of ‘end of the world’ deluge type of downpours, which we normally love to observe. But for the past 5 weeks, each of these beautiful storms has brought with it anxiety knowing the fence post holes, waiting for concrete, will be filled once again with sand and dirt. Until today, our devout construction crew has dug, set, re-dug and reset the same 400’ section no fewer than 5 times. Each time, we wait until we see a window in the forecast, rapidly pull the post, dig and realign in anticipation of the concrete truck. On two occasions, the concrete company had to cancel and with the other three, our unpredictable rainstorms bringing joy and fabulous mud parties to Maia and Guida, put the fence on hold once again.

The stars were aligning for today to be the day, the forecast was not ideal, actually it was not great at all but we sent a message to the concrete company that we will make it work, one way or another, just send the truck. The wee hours of the morning brought a beautiful mist with dark looming clouds followed by encouraging hints of blue sky. While taking care of the lovely ladies this morning, ominous clouds rolled in triggering the singing of the ‘please don’t rain’ diddy to the weather gods. For a while they listened as spots of blue sky were all around but as the truck was late on his arrival, and then later still, the weather started to shift.

Finally our favorite concrete driver in the world arrived stating that storms rolling this way caused the delay. Without a moments hesitation we started to fill the holes, one by one, edging closer to the end of the first “problem” area. With three holes left, the rain arrived, turning the moist layer of dirt into an oil slick of fine mud. With a little assistance from the backhoe and a thankful breath as the rain quickly abated. He then turned the truck around and backed town the 2nd problem and risky area. With the truck in place, one by one by one by “NOOOOO!” The rain returned and the truck slid sideways. Slow and steady, João in the truck and Joaquim on the backhoe, we edged the truck forward. The worst was done! Enormous relief flooded over my heart, 5 weeks in waiting, every rain bringing a mix of joy and anxiety and now we’ll be back on track.

Some people have said don’t bother trying to build anything during the rain season. While everything is more challenging, it all takes longer and there’s a bit more stress, there is no time to spare, elephants are waiting on us and we can’t wait on the perfect building weather.”

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