The Reality of What It Takes To Build a Sanctuary

People often ask how come things take so long. They want to know why elephants aren’t rescued already. It’s a valid question, which we understand- when elephants are waiting it always seems to take too long. But one of the biggest things people don’t seem to realize is that we are a very new organization that is literally building to provide a place to rescue those elephants who are waiting. We don’t have the luxury of everything being ready, a huge bank account and hundreds of thousands of followers. We have to build up to it.

Many people began following the US sanctuaries after they were very established- they don’t know what went on in the early years. Since Scott co-founded TES, we know all about the days when he would go to the dump to pick up scrap metal, borrow tools from neighbors and started looking for a part-time job because there was no money to be had. We are attempting to do in two years what they did at TES in over 6. It’s a huge undertaking and it takes lots of money- which generally determines the schedule. The more we raise, the more teams we can hire, the faster yards are built and elephants are rescued. It’s much more complicated than that- but that is basically how it works.

For those who wish things would go faster, all we can say is give and share. If everyone who asked simply gave $10, or what they were able, the impact would be enormous. Our sanctuary family will have to grow in order to accomplish what is needed for elephants in South America. Please consider, if you haven’t already, being part of creating that positive future and helping it become a reality instead of simply wishing things would go faster. You can be part of making it happen.

And to those already part of our phenomenal sanctuary family, you are the reason Maia and Guida get to experience daily joy and there is hope for the future of many more. We couldn’t accomplish any of this without you and will always be grateful. You are changing the history of elephants throughout South America.

The photo- lovely, sweet, but misunderstood Tamy, the lone male elephant at the Mendoza Zoo. They have agreed to send him to sanctuary, but his habitat has yet to be funded or built.

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