Thank You To Everyone Who Is Donating to Ramba’s Fundraiser

Good morning from Brazil. I am back home and now able to get to work on moving things forward for all of the elephants waiting to come to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. Speaking of, we just hit over the $50,000 mark in Ramba’s fundraiser for her transport from the zoo in Chile to sanctuary in Brazil. Woohoo!! Thank you to everyone who is donating and sharing. We still have a fair bit more to raise, but we are getting there. 

There are also a couple of days left in the $3500 match and a little bit of the match money left- for those who like to double their donation and ensure that we spend the generous match offer.

The photo is of Ramba this morning. She was a little low energy yesterday, but everyone suspected it was just because of the intense heat and sun. This morning Ramba is back to her silly self and enjoying the quiet of the park with it being closed to the public today.

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