Holding On To Hope For Pelusa

In the interest of making sure we share all of Pelusa at her zoo in Argentina, we wanted to share a full body photo. It’s much easier to focus on their face and the emotion that is found there, but when we talk about having to assess her ability to travel to sanctuary, it’s easier to understand why it may be an issue, when you see all of her.

Not only are her back feet in very poor condition, but overall she is very thin and lacking in muscle. I shared a photo of Guida the first time we met her with Pelusa’s keepers, when she was only slightly heavier than Pelusa; you could see all of her bones as well. Then they got to see the after picture, a photo of her from last week in all of her beauty, looking regal, surrounded by green.

We want the keepers to hold on to hope for Pelusa. When you only see one elephant, it’s easy to feel like she is the worst case out there- the skinniest, the worst feet, etc. The reality is we were able to share with them photos of Sissy, Delhi, and Barbie when they arrived at sanctuary and years later. Seeing the transformations of these other amazing beings helped to provide more confidence that Pelusa can one day have her own before and after story. Her feet will most likely never fully heal, but the rest of the healing that goes on once she arrives at sanctuary, can be quite remarkable. Our goal still remains to bring her to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

Love from Argentina 


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    Judith Sudilovsky says

    Please can you give an update about Pelusa’s condition and if she has been able to be moved to your sanctuary? She has been in my thoughts from the moment I heard about her plight and am anxious to hear that she is finally in a safe place together with other elephants.

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      Kat Blais says

      We just held a 24-hour fundraiser for Pelusa on May 2nd, to raise funds for her medical care once she arrives. If you check out our blog section you will see some recent updates. We sent a caregiver there to take care of her for two months while she waits for her CITES permits to be approved. We are hoping she will be rescued in that time frame, but it’s all up to the government. She is not yet home, but we are hoping it will be soon. Thankyou

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