Sadness at the Circus

By Kenneth

Took the grand kids to the circus 2004-2005?  A show was done with the elephants doing tricks and one painting pictures. I was amazed at the talent and I also sensed a sadness from this elephant. After the show we were able to get up close, as I gazed in her eyes, saw the deep sadness and  “Why”?  She was miserable. Many will think or say I’m nuts as that is not so…  On the way home my grand daughter said how sad the elephant was… Hum, That makes two that saw – sensed the same.. The animal kingdom understands us a lot more than we understand them. I’m old southern conservative raised off the land, love the land and nature.


  1. REPLY
    Tina says

    I went to the circus a long time ago, despite the fact that I didn’t really like it. Had my young daughter there. When the elephants came out, it was like we had a psychic connection. Their grief was palpable. It upset me greatly. Told my daughter how unfair to the animals a circus is. I Knew, I would never go back no matter how much I was pressured. And I would never bring my daughter to something so vile. She has grown to be a sensitive young woman. You have to teach kids from the start to respect all life.

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