Help Us Buy a Much-Needed 4-Wheeler

With Rana’s arrival everything has shifted at sanctuary. New elephant means a new routine, schedule and way of functioning throughout the day.

Because of the new relationship between Maia, Guida and Rana, we spend a lot of time in the habitat with them, monitoring their interactions. Their space is vast, so we must ride out to them, not only delivering them their diets, but also spending hours parked at a distance watching. While these observations are a necessary piece in encouraging healthy relationship building, it means the rest of the staff does not have a four wheeler to accomplish their daily tasks. This includes:

  • dumping the dung wagon
  • running to cut jackfruit or mangoes
  • cutting palms and browse for the morning routine with the elephants and for the tapirs.

In order to get everything done we need to in a day, to take the best care possible of all of our residents, we need another four wheeler. For safety reasons, it is also ideal to have a four wheeler at our disposal at any time during the day!

4-Wheeler Fundraiser

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Scott and Maia
Scott and Maia
Kat on 4-wheeler with Rana
Kat and Rana


to provide Rana, Maia and Guida with the best captive life possible. We are grateful for your care and support.

Rana Maia Guida at the pond