25,000 Likes On Facebook!

25,000 Followers On Facebook graphic25,000 likes on Facebook- woohoo!!

The quickest way to grow our elephant family is to grow our human one. Many thanks to those of you who followed along before Maia and Guida even arrived. Thanks to those who share with others in the hopes of helping elephants and those who have made checking in on Maia and Guida part of their daily routine. And to our new followers, welcome. We hope you enjoy getting to know all of the elephants in our lives. To know them is the best way to truly understand what makes them so special.
Facebook continues to make it harder for nonprofits to get their work out there and grow their support group, so we are truly grateful to those who ‘like’, share and comment on our posts. Each of those helps to ensure that Facebook shares our posts with larger amounts of people. The more people that know Maia and Guida, the more that love them, the sooner the rest of the herd can arrive.

Thank you for helping us grow from a desire to bring sanctuary to elephants in other parts of the world, to a beautiful home that allows healing and nurturing that only sanctuary can offer. Without you there is no sanctuary. Thank you for making all of this possible.

We look forward to sharing the up and coming rescues and the healing journeys that follow.

Our deepest appreciation- Scott & Kat



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