A Trio of Photos of Our Two Beauties

Maia and GuidaA Trio Of Photos Of Our Two Beauties

(Both of the girls first) It’s funny how much more similar Maia and Guida look now, in this trio of photos, then when they first arrived. Still easy to tell them apart- Maia is on the left in the road, Guida in the grass on the right, but their bodies are much closer in size than when they arrived over a year ago.

The photo does stay true to their personalities. Guida waiting in the grass patiently, while Maia decides she will help with feeding by coming closer. Both perfect in their own way. 


(Next up is Maia)   You can see she is being bathed more in a golden light just before the sun touches the hills and begins to reflect more red tones across the hills.

It had rained about 20 minutes before going out to feed, so all of Maia’s fuzzies are quite visible and her skin is darker from being wet. But still radiated quite the glow.


(Lastly is Guida 20 minutes later) Sometimes their beauty is breathtaking. For the record, the only adjustment to this photo of Guida was to up the exposure a tiny bit. This was taken yesterday just as the sun was dipping down and everything gets a beautiful golden hue, so the photo was a touch dark. But that stunning red/orange color is mud and the sunset, nothing artificial about it.

Simply- the ‘Guida Glow’

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