Sending Love To Pelusa

Pelusa at La Plata ZooWe are going to do a simple weekly post about Pelusa. Some people may find this corny, but for a being whose value has always been what she provides for others, you would be amazed at how far a pure and genuine love of them goes.

It would be beneficial if when you see her weekly post, to think of her and send love, light, positivity, prayers or whatever it is you believe in or feel could help her. She was struggling when we began with her posts about a week and a half ago, but it was reported after they started, her mood improved along with her activity level. It may be a coincidence or not. Either way, it won’t hurt. 

During this countdown to get her to sanctuary and waiting for her CITES permits on both ends to finish being processed, we need her to gain strength to be able to make the trip. We are working on many aspects of her care, but this is something everyone can do. Simply hold her in your heart, picture her at sanctuary, with Maia and Guida (and you can throw Ramba in there too if you would like ) and let her know she has the chance at a brighter future. We can create a net of support that circles the globe and helps bring her home.  Thank you.

Photo is compliments of Fondation Franz Weber who none of the Argentina elephant rescues would be possible without.


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    Debbie Sides says

    Hold on Pelusa! We will get you to sanctuary! Love you bunches!

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